Unbenanntes Dokument Carry On


No mountain is too high to climb and no sea too far to cross (TO FAR T O CROSS!)
No fire’s hot enough to burn my skin!!! I will never give in, I found the strength to carry-on!”

Verse 1:

I couldn’t think straight cuz my mind was blocked and out of order, and I couldn’t see a way!
like a train I’ve been derailed from my path, but a had to get back on my track,

Verse 2:

I was walking hand in hand with desperation, it was my constant companion.
I couldn’t help myself I was stuck in a Dead-end street and I hid beneath the sheet.

Vesrse 3 / Bridge:

As long as there are embers, you can still burn, never let the flame extinguish! Ignite a FIRE! and rise like a phoenix from the ash!


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