Unbenanntes Dokument Walking lie


Appearance is deceptive - ooh ooh ooh
there is less than what you see
(I donít needÖ)I donít need an X-ray view
To see the real you, I can see through your disguise.

Verse 1:

Tear down the mask! Ė To see whatís left!
Behind the masquerade! Ė Is it you, that you hate?
Through the disguise! Ė What for these alibis?
See the true colour! Ė Whatís about your honour?

Verse 2:

All is a fake! Ė Thatís what you make!
A walking lie! Ė You canít deny!
True face to hide! Ė No beauty inside!
What is the price? Ė To pay for all those lies?


Canít hide! Canít deny! You got a 2-face but I see the real face
Canít hide! Canít deny! You got a 2-face but you canít win this race


OUTSIDE! (is) just a shell, A design to cover whatís inside
INSIDE! An empty heartSad but true; Youíre a walking lie!
You want everyone to love you (Oh oh ooh)
but you have to love yourself first!

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